Wednesday, March 31, 2021

BarbWalters - Roses (2021)



GMO is back and has never stopped loving that sweet Electro Pop, so stand up and dance with me!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

8 Years...

 Wow, it has been 8 years since Generation Music Online stopped posting. I can't even remember exactly why, I remember of rumors of Apple releasing a music subscription that allowed you to download any MP3 you wanted for a monthly fee. While that did somewhat turn out years later, that is not what ended GMO, I honestly don't remember. My hunger for music has not changed however. Since I have let the domain go a few years ago (surprising is being used again by someone else lol), the site stopped being accessible. I have fix this and re-established the original address. Maybe some of the artists will search their (for most now retired) name and remember fondly being featured here. I still listen to many of the artist, 

Latino Tanks - My friend still quotes your lyrics on his facebook posts. Oh my gosh I just discovered you started posting new music this year under Bajjer, yes please!

Bangs - Just ahead of your time, simply amazing music, It is now available on Soundcloud after a few years of not being able to find.

A Ball Of Shoot Fire - How did you think of music like that. So good.

Brave Elephant - Just so good.

Magic Man - I still wish your self made album could be recorded in the highest quality, because that was a piece of art.

Even Man - Too good not to mention

Modern Rivals - I need to stop but I cannot for this magic.

Wes Cunningham - you are amazing

Ok, there are a ton more, I just scratched the surface. 

I just wanted to say thank you to these artists. What an interesting time in music, CD's were dead and the replacement was not solidified yet as it has become with music streaming, it was a pleasure discovering your art in a time where the medium was unknown. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Telepathic Teddy Bear - The Course Of Empire EP (2013)


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A bit mellow for my tastes, but nice to see a new release.

Highly Anticipated!!

Also check out Covers (2013)

Boxed Wine - Cheap, Fun (2013)


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Upbeat Pop Rock

Brightener - Make Real Friends EP (2013)


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Generation Music Online is set for another year! Many changes to come soon.

Foreign Friends - Maps EP2 (2013)


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lazor Cake - Welcome To The Bitter Dawn EP (2012)


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Highly anticipated release from Lazor Cake.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire - Zileur (Mi​-​Mi​-​Mo​-​Mo) (2012)


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Released while GMO was on a break, but to fantastic not to post late. Their first album is one of the best ever posted here, and this new release is no different.


Brave Elephant - Old Enough to Repay -- Young Enough to Sell (2013)


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Long awaited album from GMO favorite Brave Elephant.